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Protect your health, your family, and your money with total coverage and friendly support that’s a phone call away.

  • Travel Cover
  • Medical Benefits
  • Luggage Tracking
  • Prepaid Card
  • Travel Assistance

Get the ultimate in family travel protection.

A single Wise Traveller membership protects your whole family, no matter where you travel, how many trips you take, or whether you travel as a family or individually.

Get up all the protection you need in personal accident and liability coverage, medical travel expenses and emergency evacuation, and much more.

For more information of the Travel Cover click here

Get full medical cover wherever you choose to live.

You and your family are fully protected with up to Euro1,500,000 in worldwide medical coverage, outpatient treatment and emergency dental coverage, a 24-hour emergency call centre, and more. We’ve even got you covered for emergency evacuation and repatriation.

Protect the health of those you love with The Wise Traveller.

Imagine never having to deal with lost luggage again!

In partnership with the world’s leading luggage tracking service, The Wise Traveller brings you the ultimate tagging and missing baggage recovery service.

Using special tags and gadget stickers, you can protect all your carry-on and checked luggage, including briefcases, golf bags, mobile phones, laptops, iPods and iPads.

Enjoy the convenience of cash without the risk.

Protect your credit cards and bank accounts from phishing and skimming by using a Wise Traveller prepaid credit card.

With your prepaid card, you can carry up to USD$50,000 while abroad. Use your pre paid card wherever branded cards are accepted, and get cash at any  branded ATM worldwide.

Travel with confidence knowing that someone’s always there to help.

Whether you’re dealing with lost luggage, require emergency assistance, or just need some friendly advice, you can speak to one of our operators 24/7. Get the support and advice you need—any time you need it—with The Wise Traveller.

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