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Whats Happening To The Cost Of Travel

Travel Costs In 2016

If you can believe what you read, the Global Travel Association is predicting rather stable prices in airfares and hotels for 2016, with 6 hot spots defying this trend. 


Apparently the business market place is pushing air prices up for Singapore, Australia, Colombia, China, Mexico and India.  So you can definitely strike India off the usual cheap destination list to visit, which is a change. The business travel budgets for the hot spots are going to have to increase or the travel tarts will be flying sans baggage with the cargo in the pit of the plane, staying at no-star hotel delights with meals taken at the city's soup kitchen for the homeless. 


The stable economy and growing middle class of Colombia is driving the demand where the capacity has not kept up with this growth.  In Mexico it is simply a case of strong demand for domestic and international flights, whilst Singapore's status of a hot spot comes from the fact that energy prices are low and their monetary policy is less restrictive.  The Chinese are getting out and about despite the slowing of economic growth and India's hike in prices is due to consumer confidence and spiking business.  Let's face it where Australia is concerned, it is always expensive due to the sheer size of the country, let alone the improvement in business conditions. 


In the global hotel sector, the demand for somewhere to put your head on a pillow at night is outgrowing the number of pillows available in every major region.  This does not only take into account the fluffy duck or goose feather variety, but those that could have bricks in them as well. 


It is touted that the Asia Pacific region will see prices hike by about 3 percent with Latin America blaming the price hike on high inflation.  The North American region is looking at a rise of about 4.3 percent supposedly driven by economic activity.  Europe is looking like the lucky area with only moderate increases of 1.8 percent due to the exchange rate with the US dollar.  Russia is the biggest loser due to oil prices dropping and economic sanctions causing a significant rise in hotel costs.


For the business budget drone, it will be a torturous exercise to allocate travel allowances for employees so that the company can maintain a healthy bottom line.  The millennial IT savvy youth will have it all over Generation X and the baby boomers when it comes to booking flights and hotels at the best prices.  They will make sure there is enough left over to wine and dine on, whereas the staid older employees who are yet to perfect the tricks of on-line booking or choosing alternatives to hotels for accommodation, may stay with the old-fashioned tried and true formula.  They will be more concerned about their bad back, their dicky diet for their overweight diabetic bodies and totally confused if told that their hotel room is keyless. 


10 Most Expensive Countries To Travel To

The top 10 most expensive countries to travel to, whether for a holiday jaunt or a business must-do, using the United States as a benchmark for prices are:



Consumer goods are said to be 10% more expensive than in the US.



What's new?



 It is said to be 30% more expensive than the US.



 40% more expensive than the US.



Extremely high hotel charges.



50% more expensive than the US with gas prices being extremely high, so don't hire a car here.



You need a large budget here to fit in with the large country image.  Australia is put in the bracket of 50% more than the US with very expensive flight prices.  



Unless you are going meal shopping at the local market for a baguette and cheese to munch on at the backpackers, this is one very expensive country to visit.


United Kingdom

Another country where a very fat wallet is required for a stay.



Tops the list as the most expensive country in the world to visit.


For the company bean counters it may be an idea to steer any business clear of the above countries or make them Skype only meeting zones.  As to the employees that get the joy of a business trip, send a millennial with his or her iPhone 7 and cute Valentino backpack to do the company's face-to-face touting.


Gail Palethorpe, a self proclaimed Australian gypsy, is a freelance writer, photographer and eternal traveller.  Check out her website Gail Palethorpe Photography


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Gail Palethorpe  | February 01, 2016
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