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The 30 Best Cities In The World

Best Cities In The World Conde Nast Traveler - The Wise Traveller

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Condé Nast Traveler released its latest listing of the Best Cities In The World, according to their readers. Allegedly in excess of 128,000 readers rated and voted for their favourite cities outside the United States.


The top 30 cities listed by CNTravelers included many usual suspects with the most highly rated being Florence, with Italy claiming 3 cities in the top 10 and 5 overall in the top 30.

Also rating highly overall were Canadian destinations including Vancouver, Quebec City and Victoria. Only two cities in the southern hemisphere featured, Sydney, Australia at No 4 and Cape Town in South Africa at No 16.


Continental Europe makes up just over half the list and Asia accounting for only 5 cities in this years rankings.


Best Cities In The Worlds As Rated By CNT Readers


1.    Florence, Italy
2.    Budapest, Hungary
3.    Vienna, Italy
4.    Sydney, Australia
5.    Paris, France
6.    Rome, Italy
7.    Prague, Czech Rep
8.    Bruges, Belgium
9.    Kyoto, Japan
10.    London, UK
11.    Jerusalem, Israel
12.    Salzburg, Austria
13.    Venice, Italy
14.    Barcelona, Spain
15.    Tokyo, Japan
16.    Cape Town, South Africa
17.    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
18.    Lucerne, Switzerland
19.    Vancouver, Canada
20.    Edinburgh, Scotland
21.    Siena, Italy
22.    Madrid, Spain
23.    Quebec City, Canada
24.    Victoria, Canada
25.    Singapore
26.    Hong Kong, China
27.    Dublin, Ireland
28.    Shanghai, China
29.    Dresden, Germany
30.    Stockholm, Sweden


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Wise Travel News  | November 20, 2015
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