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Travel Insurance For US$123 per year? Yes Indeed
Get Covered With Wise Traveller Secure
All Year, Every Trip, Anywhere

Why Continue Over Paying For Travel Insurance?

Joining Wise Traveller Secure gives you total peace of mind no matter when you travel.  With full benefits that cover unforeseen medical bills, cancellations, delays, emergency evacuation for trips up to 90 days plus much more such as private hotel discounts, flight discounts, car rental benefits available all year, why restrict yourself to expensive per trip travel insurance.  Find out why Wise Traveller Secure is quickly becoming the preferred option for so many international travellers for as little as US$123 per year. Find out more here.

This Month With The Wise Traveller

Every month we publish travel tips, tricks and tales to ensure you get the most from your travel experience, whether business or pleasure.


This month we provide business travellers tips on packing for that last minute business trip and how to have a safer business trip as well as a few unconventional suggestions on things to do on your next business trip to Hong Kong.  For all travellers why not get some tips on managing your travel finances, or maybe visit one of these 5 strange museums in the world.  We also have some hints on travelling to Dubai with a family and do know which airline is now providing In-Flight Nannies to keep your kids amused?


Plus so much more, so why not visit us and check out all our travel tips



Worlds Most Unfriendly Cities

How Unfriendly Can These Cities Be?

Do you know which cities in the world are the most unfriendly?Find out the top 20 list from Travel + Leisure Magazine as voted by their readers. Let us know what you think.


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Smarter Travel Spending - The Wise Traveller

Where To Spend & Where Not To Spend

There are so many tips on where to get discounts or how to find cheap hotels.  But few on ‘ how to spend’ money wisely on travel. Here are the Do’s and Don’t of travel spending.


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Top European Cities For Wine Lovers - The Wise Traveller

Destinations For A Great Wine Experience

Everyone knows of Bordeaux, Tuscany and La Roija, but what about what are the top European city designations where you can enjoy the delicate and subtle  flavours as a wine lover?


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6 Movies To Avoid Before Flying - The Wise Traveller

Movie You Shouldn't Watch Before Flying

Getting on a plane for some people is nerve wracking enough. If you are one of these, here are 6 movies that you should avoid prior to boarding your flight.


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5 Iconic Asian Dishes Worth Travelling For

What Are The Top 5 Iconic Asian Dishes?

It may not be too difficult to guess these iconic Asian dishes but do you know where to enjoy the best versions of these? See how well you guessed.


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Holiday Happiness - The Wise Traveller

The Happiness Factor Of Holidays

Sometimes life can just suck on the happiness scale according to researchers who have spent hours determining the different holiday "enjoyment" stages.


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