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The Wise Traveller Newsletter - September 2015Wise Traveller Secure

Why Continue Over Paying For Travel Insurance? Joining Wise Traveller Secure gives you total peace of mind no matter when you travel.  With full benefits that cover unforeseen medical bills, cancellations, delays, emergency evacuation for trips up to 90 days plus much more such as private hotel discounts, flight discounts, car rental benefits available all year, why restrict yourself to expensive per trip travel insurance.  Find out why Wise Traveller Secure is quickly becoming the preferred option for so many international travellers for as little as US$123 per year. Find out more here.


This Month On The Wise Traveller

Each month we provide you with travel tips, tricks and incentives to help enhance your travel experience. This month find out how Millennials are taking over business travel or how to eat a little healthier on those business trips. If you haven’t yet managed the wonder of a Safari Experience see how you can enjoy a week chasing the big 5 or how Adventure Travel can be for everyone, not just those throwing themselves of bridges.



Travel Dangers - The Wise Traveller

Travel Dangers That Can Bring Your Trip To An Unexpected End

Travelling can be a risky business and staying alive does have its advantages, mostly you get to finish your trip and go home.  Not often we want to think about the dangers of travelling but worth a pause every now and again just to ensure you don’t become a statistic. Read more ...

Luxury For Less - The Wise Traveller

A Little Luxury And How To Get It For Less

Do you love to experience everything that travelling has to offer, but are on a strict budget? There are many ways to save money when travelling, without compromising on the quality, here are 6 tips to start saving on your next trip. Read more ...   

Worlds Most Dangerous Airlines - The Wise Traveller

5 Airlines To Be Wary Of

For many a traveller, getting on a plane still creates an irrational fear, however there are some airlines who's record doesn't assist in negating these fears.  Here are the 5 most dangerous airlines based on recent records that you might want to avoid. Read more ...    

Preparing For A Stress Free Holiday - The Wise Traveller

Tips To Help You Start You Relaxing Break

We all take vacations and holidays to de-stress and relax for a period. But sometimes that's a little said than done.  Here are 5 quick tips to help you prepare for that perfect stress free holidays. Read more ...

Relationship Tips For Travellers - The Wise Traveller

10 Tips To Maintaining Your Relationship

It’s not easy to keep the flames of passion stoked when you’re always away, recovering from jet lag or missing yet another family gathering. But it’s possible, here are 10 tips to maintain your relationship as a frequent business traveller.  Read more ...

Lure Of Solo Travel - The Wise Traveller

Solo Travel Can Be Invigorating

Travelling solo can be a little daunting, however it also provides great opportunity to enjoy unique experiences whilst literally being the captain of your own ship. Here are 5 reasons that make solo travel invigorating. Read more ... 

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Wise Travel News  | September 06, 2015
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