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Emirates Boeing 777-200LR - Dubai To Panama City - The Wise Traveller


Emirates launches the longest, long haul flight with it’s latest route between Dubai and Panama City.  The airlines first destination in Central America.

According to Bloomberg, the flight will cross over 13,800 kilometres (8,590 miles) and take approximately 17 hours and 35 minutes.  This will surpass the Sydney-Dallas route, which was the title holder flown by Qantas.

Although this is not the longest commercial flight route ever.  Singapore Airlines was flying between Singapore and New Jersey non-stop, a distance of 15,340km which took almost 19 hours, however this service was cancelled in 2013.

Flights o Panama City are due to commence in February 2016 with Emirates flying its twin engine Boeing 777-200LR to the Central American destination.  The carrier is looking to increases its exposure to both business and tourist travel to other destinations in Central America, South America and the Caribbean.


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Wise Travel News  | August 17, 2015
Categories : Service
Tags : Stay Relaxed, Airlines, Flying, Emirates