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More Direct French Destinations with Eurostar

Eurstar Extends Destinations - The Wise Traveller

The international train operator, Eurostar has announced that they will be operating services to three new destinations in France. What’s more, these services are set to be offered throughout the entire year.


Passengers will now be able to speed from either London St. Pancras or Ashford through the Channel Tunnel and on to the destinations of Avignon, Lyon and Marseille. You will be able to reach the city of Lyon in just over 4.5 hours and Marseille in around 6 hours.

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Eurostar already operates a number of services to mainland Europe from the UK and these additional destinations will be perfect for people who want to enjoy the ease and convenience of rail travel – as opposed to the somewhat more stressful airline industry.


Passengers travelling from the new French destinations back to the UK are advised that they need not check-in for their journey at least 30 minutes prior to departure – as is the current procedure in the opposite direction. Instead, they can expect to deal with all of the check-in and immigration procedures at the station of Lille Europe. They will disembark from the train to deal with these procedures and then continue on to the UK after.


Eurostar certainly seem to be expanding their network lately. It’s great to see these new services to France; however, it might be good if the company also looked to increase its services to other countries close to the UK: better services to The Netherlands, Germany and even up to Denmark may prove to be popular options.

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Wise Travel News  | July 07, 2015
Categories : Travel
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