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Travel Apps For Apple Watch - The Wise Traveller


Have you already been seduced by the allure of the sleek new Apple Watches? If you’re got one on your wrist, chances are you’re automatically more up-to-date with notifications about flight changes, the status of your rental car, and even the restaurant options located within a mile of your hotels.


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The good news keeps getting better, though; with the inevitable massive explosion of apps that come with every new release, Apple Watch users can be even more connected as they travel the world. Here are a selection of the most useful apps to create the perfect trip – housed right on your arm.


If you’re looking to book hotels or flights, try: search over 75,000 hotels for your best options. Expedia also offers current updates on flight status as well as your upcoming hotel reservations. this app comes with a handy hotel locator via GPS.


Skyscanner: Not only does the app offer Skyscanner’s usual host of useful options, it also gives Apple Watch users directions back to their hotel from wherever they are.


If you’re looking to explore the area around you, try:


FourSquare: find ideas (and deals!) on where to eat nearby.


OpenTable: this app can book a table, get directions, and even pay the bill with ApplePay.


Yelp: a well-known website optimized for the Apple Watch in this handy little app.


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Wise Travel News  | June 10, 2015
Categories : Travel
Tags : Stay Connected, Technology, Apple, Apple Watch, Travel Apps