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Online Booking Sites to Court Small Businesses

Online Travel Booking For Small Business - The Wise Traveller


The world’s biggest online travel sites have finally set their sights on something a little smaller.


Travel booking sites like Expedia and have gotten their head out of the clouds and are attempting to cash in on the untapped business travel market on the ground. Because of strict rules many companies have about which booking tools, airlines, and hotels are available to their employees, booking sites are losing out on a large slice of the market.


Expedia’s chief marketing officer, David Doctorow throws out a ballpark figure of $36 billion in the US and $120 billion worldwide for unmanaged business travel – yearly.


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If you are one of the many business travellers facing restricted options for booking upcoming travel plans, you may soon be in luck thanks to online booking agencies’ hunger for a piece of the pie. Small businesses will likely join these new programs thanks to the perks offered. began the charge toward the small business travel market with the For Business program which allows small businesses to open an account so that employees can book hotels through that account. At the moment, For Business only offers hotel bookings.


Expedia recently launched a similar program called Expedia+ Business which offers perks and rewards to small business who book through the site. Companies can form an account which employees then log on and join before booking a trip. One of the perks include a $100 hotel coupon for each ten hotel nights booked. Expedia+ Business currently stands ahead of the program because it also offers deals on flights and cars. The one large drawback of Expedia+ for small businesses is that the project is currently limited to small businesses in the US.

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Wise Travel News  | June 02, 2015
Categories : Travel
Tags : Business Travel, Stay In Comfort, Hotels, Small Business