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Should The On-Line Travel Industry Be Worried?

Google might be the first one you turn to when searching for travel inspiration, but few people consider using it for anything beyond finding information. But with a recent update to one of its sites, it seems that Google is poised to become a big name in online travel.

Google Flights - GFlights

Debuted in February 2015, Gflights is a new site dedicated to grabbing some of the busy online travel market. Interesting features include an expandable map tagged with ticket prices which change when you manipulate the dates of travel. Once you choose a specific destination, clicking the calendar shows off the cheapest ticket for that destination on that selected month. Additionally, Google also displays extra tips on how to get lower prices.


Google Flights - Testing Traditional Travel Providers - The Wise Traveller


The best part of Gflights is its clean, intuitive layout. Unlike other competitors such as Priceline and Expedia which can be overwhelmingly cluttered and busy, Gflights keeps distractions to a minimum. And it’s not just the layout which should worry Google’s competitors.


Never Overpay For Travel Insurance Again 

Google seems to excel at ever project it touches – and competitors know it and are trying to minimize the damage. Expedia bough Orbitz at $1.6 billion; Priceline spent $2.6 billion restaurant reservation site OpenTable last year in just one of its many buys. All of the main travel competitors are trying to keep up with the changing face of online travel spending where customers expect everything to be fast and all in one place.


So why has Google jumped into the incredibly competitive e-travel ring? Simple – the overall e-travel industry is estimated to bring in over $100 billion annually. With that much money, even the smallest market share could mean big bucks.


Google Flights’ site is easy to use and obviously created with the end user in mind so it’s clear Google is intent on storming into the market and grabbing a piece for itself.


Fast, convenient, and backed by Google – competitors beware.


Click here to test Google Flights for yourself and let us know what you think.


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Wise Travel News  | May 25, 2015
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