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Every month we provide you with tips and tricks to help you enhance your travel experience. This month find out how to keep your money safe when travelling, what are the most expensive cities in the world, more tips for the business traveller and so many other ways to improve the value you get for your travel dollar.

All in addition to our membership programs that include benefits such as full travel cover, VIP airport lounge access, exclusive hotel discounts and so much more in a simple annual membership.

So why not become a Wise Traveller and enjoy every trip you take.


Avis Now A Preferred Partner

We are proud to announce a preferred partnership with Avis Car Rental which provides all members up to 35% discount on your car rental needs globally. Sign In above using your preferred social media account and gain instant access.


6 European Cities For Under $55 A Day

Set your sights slightly eastward and enjoy the benefits of European travel without the high prices with 6 of the best destinations for less than $55 per day.  Read more...

Are You An Accidental Criminal?

Are You An Accidental Criminal?

What happens when a mere cultural faux pas turns into breaking the law? You just might get yourself thrown in jail in a foreign country and all for breaking a law you didn’t even know existed! Read more...

10 Reasons To Travel More

Frequent travel has a number of benefits, and the more you travel the more successful as a traveller you become. Which also translates to the rest of your life.  Here are 10 reasons to travel more.  Read more...

Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Have you ever dreamed of getting paid to travel the world? Here are 7 simple ways to balance work with travel in order to realize your digital nomad dreams. Read more...

Wise Traveller Secure

Paying A Premium For Travel Insurance?

With Wise Traveller Secure you can travel with peace of mind, anywhere, anytime, all year, for less than $10.50 per month.


With benefits that include emergency evacuation, medical expenses, delay and cancellation cover, lost luggage, emergency dental and 24/7 telephone assistance why pay a ‘Premium' for your travel insurance?  To find out more about our travel cover click here or get your questions answered by contacting us at 




Wise Travel News  | April 28, 2015
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