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2015 airfare & baggage fee changes


With a new year comes new rules and regulations for most airlines: 2015 is no exception. Here are several important changes travellers will encounter in the upcoming year.

Perhaps the biggest upset of all is JetBlue's announcement that in mid-2015 JetBlue will cut their one free checked back policy for anyone who purchases tickets in the cheapest three categories of fares. No word on how much the charge will be yet, but expect it to be comparable to any other company. This now means that Southwest Airlines is the only major U.S. carrier which still offers a free checked back to all passengers.

In March 2015, Delta Airlines will split aircraft into five different fare classes, creating a 'Basic Economy' fare that aims to compete with the likes of bare-bones Spirit Airlines. Passengers who want more than that will have to pay more, though it's not clear whether the lowest fares will get any cheaper or other prices will simply be hiked up.

United Airlines has announced that it's adding a second checked bag fee on North America to Latin America flights. The second bag will cost $30. On other international flights the second checked bag remains free.

In international (and slightly more positive) news, Japanese carrier ANA will change their baggage allowance policy to allow all passengers to check two 23 kilogram bags for free within Asia (excluding Japan), a policy which started during the first week of January.


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Wise Travel News  | February 10, 2015
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