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Eurostar e320: The Future of High-speed Train Travel

Eurostar e320 The Future Of Rail Travel

20 years since Eurostar began revolutionising train travel, the train company revealed its next venture. What's the most fitting birthday gift to itself and its customers? Eurostar managed to exceed expectations by unveiling its new e320 train at a November event. Named for the train's top speed, Eurostar and the e320 are set to stay on the cutting-edge of the industry.

The initial group of the e320 trains, comprised of an initial 10 trains with an additional  added laer which in total is worth over 1 billion pounds, will begin operation in late 2015. The newest member of the Eurostar clan lives up to its name by being able to reach a top speed of 320 km/h (200 mph). The additional speed means th e320 is set to perform 20% faster than other contenders.

Thanks to the train's interoperable system (meaning it can operate seamlessly across Europe's many different signalling systems), the e320 can provide service to international destinations like the Netherlands as well as traditional routes like Paris and Brussels.

The e320 fits up to 900 passengers it its 400-meter (1,312-foot) length as the entirety of its technical parts and propulsion system is contained under the floors of the train. This innovation allows for a 20% larger area for passengers compared to traditional trains.

Other perks of the new model includes a quieter ride thanks to a raised section of the roof to reduce 'tunnel boom' and an electric brake system that sends extra braking energy back into the train, making the e320 more energy efficient train.

New features more readily apparent to passengers have also been introduced: Wi-Fi is available throughout the entire train and power points as well as USB plugs are available to charge a low battery. The interior of the e320 haven't escaped an upgrade: passengers can thank Italian designers Pininfarina, who also design with Ferrari, for the sleek look of the new e320.

The only downside? Passengers aren't able to experience the new fleet until it begins service in December 2015.


Eurostar e320 Future of rail travel Eurostar e320 the future of rail travel

The Wise Traveller

Wise Travel News  | December 23, 2014
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