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The Future in Luggage Innovation is near!

Fugu Luggage

Ever since the emergence of the ‘no frills’ airlines (pause for a cat-like hiss at this point!), physically taking a suitcase on holiday with you has become more and more of a chore. With many airlines now, gone are the days where a suitcase weighing up to 20kg would be included in the cost of your ticket; instead, you usually have to pay extra for a bag to be stored in the hold.

With this in mind, like me, you would have probably noticed how people are now taking more bags into the cabin with them; also these same bags definitely look to be bigger than they were just 10 years ago. So, I guess it was just a matter of time until some ingenious individual realised that there was a massive void in the market for luggage that could be made into a suitcase that is retractable in size and even used for myriad other great storage ideas.

Fugu LuggageThis is where Fugu luggage comes into play. Originally it was Isaac Atlas’s concept and then he solicited the help of David Lifshitz, Daniel Gindis and others in order to make the concept he had in mind become a reality. He was also lucky enough to secure a large grant through the Israeli Ministry of Economy to ensure the project moved forward fully.

The design for the Fugu bag really is quite amazing! The suitcase will collapse to a much smaller size when not filled and it even comes with built-in shelves and the ability to turn into a convenient portable table. It could even be used as something of a wardrobe in order to hang your most important items of clothing.

The design of this bag has certainly been very arduous, to the say the least; however, it looks likely that there will be some real progress in December 2014 to bring this much needed product to the market. Let’s keep our eyes peeled for news on this futuristic luggage.

Fugu Luggage


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Quin Hoskins  | December 04, 2014
Categories : Travel Products
Tags : Stay Relaxed, Flying, Fugu Luggage, Luggage