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Norwegian Passports Get A Cool Upgrade

Norways New Passport

The Norwegian passport might look simplistic on the outside, but it has the heart of Norway hidden on the inside. Neue, a design firm, won the bid to create the new passport look after submitting their proposal. In a nearly yearlong bidding process, several companies competed for the win, but no other design could truly depict the hearts of Norwegian people better.

The outside is simple with the Norwegian crest and passport. There are colour variations: blue for diplomats, grey for immigrants, and red for Norwegian residents. As soon as the inside is opened, the true beauty of the new design is revealed. The pages are filled with icy peaks overlooking a body of water below. It is a true landscape of Norway that all passport holders of Norway can take with them.

The best part of all is the little gem awaiting the security inspectors. Anytime the passport is held under a UV lamp the mountain landscape becomes a Northern Lights scene. The night scene will probably bring a smile to all immigration inspectors for its sheer beauty. The fact that it is non-descript on the outside with such a treasure on the inside might make an inspector hesitate to mar it with a stamp.

New Norwegian PassportNorway is not the first country to upgrade their passport with a stunning design. Australia also released a beautiful artistic passport with new security features. The outside looks simple, but inside is art of Australia from Aboriginal people to kangaroos.

Many passport designs are on the outside only like the Japanese with their Chrysanthemum emblem; New Zealand with its national emblem plus the island on the back; and the Republic of Maldives with fish embossed on the front cover. One other passport stands out for interior design work – the Finnish passport. Its inside is a flip book for an animated elk.

As security-conscience governments seek more and more elaborate features, it will be interesting to see what the passports of the future will look like. It looks like Norway and the others mentioned here may just be the tip of a vast iceberg.

Norwegian Passports

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Wise Travel News  | November 29, 2014
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