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The Convenience Of A Bus In The Sky

Flybe Bus In The Sky

One of the best things about travelling by air has to be the fact that you usually fly directly to the city you need to; however, one budget UK airline is now looking at merging the services of a bus and aeroplane together. This means you will be able to hop on the service in Jersey, in the Channel Islands, then travel on up to Southampton, Leeds-Bradford, and all the way up to Aberdeen in Scotland, if you so wish.

If routes struggle a little with direct flights only, this is an ingenious way to fill up the seats on an aircraft and passengers are able to use the service more as a bus or train. The planes in use by the airline running this service, Flybe, are 78-seaters and are being affectionately named as ‘FlyShuttles’.

The best thing about this service is that you could secure a fare from as little as $51.00 (that’s around the £30.00 mark) one way. Bearing in mind that the cost of train fares in the UK are truly exorbitant and massively more expensive than air travel, this could represent a significant saving for passengers; plus the travelling time will be massively reduced.

There is only one small fly in the ointment where this service is concerned and that’s the fact that you will need to alight in Southampton for UK Customs and Immigration checks. As the Channel Islands do actually belong to the UK, this is clearly something that needs to be re-evaluated in the future, as it causes far more disruption to passengers than it needs to.

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Wise Travel News  | November 22, 2014
Categories : Travel
Tags : Stay Relaxed, Business Travel, Airlines, Flying