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Lonely Planet’s Surprising Second Best Place To Visit In 2015

Lonely Planet laces To Visit 015

When it comes to the Lonely Planet’s list of best places to visit in 2015, it is fair to say that the vast majority of the destinations mentioned will be something of a surprise for most people. Proudly claiming the top spot we have the awesome island nation of Singapore – now this won’t be a shock to anyone at all! – Singapore certainly deserves this accolade. However, in the top five list alone we have some very strange choices such as Nicaragua and Lithuania.

Lonely PLanet PLaces To Visit 2015 Lonely Planet Top PLace To Visit 2015

The little-known and even less-discovered nation of Namibia features in second place for the top places to visit in 2015. When you think about this more carefully, it really does make you think that the Lonely Planet works in much the same way as other awarding bodies operate: they look to promote certain destinations that may have otherwise remained in obscurity. However, one might argue that some of their choices could be considered to be a little too ambitious and some destinations may not be as safe as they state.

Namibia is certainly not a destination that would be able to cope with mass tourist numbers all at once. This is a country that people travel to for seclusion and tranquillity; therefore surely being placed in second position by Lonely Planet could jeopardise this?

Whatever your opinion about the controversial choices made by Lonely Planet, Namibia itself is a phenomenal country that certainly deserves closer inspection if you ever get the chance. This is one of the least-populated parts of the world and the vast deserts and often unique landscapes to be seen here are always the biggest draw. The main problem at the moment is the lack of flights to and from Namibia. Also, the few options that do exist are somewhat rudimentary and very expensive. Perhaps being placed in second position on Lonely Planet’s best places to visit in 2015 list will see a marked improvement in this area.



Wise Travel News  | November 13, 2014
Categories : Travel
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