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Windowsless Air Travel For You?

Windowless Plane
If you are in any way scared of flying, this latest innovation in aeroplane design certainly won’t be for you! The Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) has revealed a plane design that it hopes to be a major player in the future of aviation; and not too far in the future, either.


Windowless PLane Of The Future

How does the prospect of flying on a plane without any windows grab you? Then take this a stage further and imagine the sides (walls) of the aeroplane as one long and continuous window. This is exactly what CPI is looking to achieve. They will dispense with the regular small windows dotted along the aeroplane’s walls; these will be effectively replaced with one long screen that will be able to project whatever image the airline decides.


The most likely image would be a live camera display of the actual scene outside the aeroplane. This would certainly give one the feeling of flying through the air – especially for those who are sat on the outside of the plane, nearest to the screens or walls. You may also witness images of a more science fiction nature: perhaps giving passengers the impression of flying through the distance realms of space. Of course, there will also be opportunities to show advertisements to an already captive audience: it is unlikely that this would go down quite so well.


Due to the fact that there would no longer be a requirement for multiple windows, it is said that this would actually lighten the aeroplane’s weight overall – translating in a definite reduction in the amount of fuel that will need to be used and therefore seeing a drop in CO2 emissions. It is these latest facts that will probably end up becoming one of the most attractive features to airlines in the future as they are constantly looking at ways to save money on exorbitant fuel charges and are pressurised by governments all over the world to reduce their impact on the environment.

Original Video by Centre for Process Innovation on Youtube



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Wise Travel News  | November 08, 2014
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