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What’s The Busiest Airline Route?

Busiest Airline Route 

Probably not the one you might be thinking.  According to a recent release of international traveller numbers from the International Air Travel Association the busiest route last year was between Taipei and Hong Kong with over 4.8 million (yes million) people travelling between these two major Asian business hubs.

The list of the top 10 busiest routes also included the more lyrical picks including Paris-New York, London-New York, however some interesting short hop routes also made the list such as Dublin-London and Singapore-Jakarta.

The Top 10 Busiest Routes

1. Hong Kong - Taipei (~4.88m travellers)
2. London - Dublin (~3.56M travellers)
3. Jakarta - Singapore (~3.43m travellers)
4. Seoul - Tokyo (~3.27m)
5. London - New York (~2.72m travellers)
6. Amsterdam - London (~2.72m travellers)
7. London - Milan (~2.07m travellers)
8. Honolulu - Tokyo (~1.89m travellers)
9. New York - Toronto (~1.6m travellers)
10. New York - Paris (~1.54m travellers)

Wise Travel News  | August 20, 2014
Categories : Travel
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