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Frontier Airlines Pizaa DeliveryFrontier Serves Pizza

Here is one for the books.  Due to severe weather conditions a Frontier Airlines flight was recently diverted making an unscheduled stop in Cheyenne, Wyoming in the US.  After more than an hour wait the pilot decided to take matters in to his own hands and made a call …. to the local Domino’s Pizza for a ‘plane’ delivery, his order, 40 pizza’s for the 160 passengers, one for each row of passengers.

Frontier is known for its low cost and bare minimum service, however, Captain Brandner, has suddenly changed this image, at least from the perspective of his 160 passengers.

The passengers enjoyed cheese and pepperoni pizza’s and after 2 hours delay made it safely to there Denver destination.

A big salute to the Captain, may all his future pizzas be delivered hot and on time.

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Wise Traveller  | July 11, 2014
Categories : Travel
Tags : Stay Relaxed, Airlines, In Flight Services