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Looking For A Corporate Solution?

Manage the spiralling costs and administrative burden of your company’s business travel requirements with the Wise Traveller Corporate Plan.

Whether you’re a company of five or 50,000, a Wise Traveller Corporate Plan can cut your travel costs in half and significantly reduce the time spent managing business travel. Plus, your customised plan gives you greater control over employees’ travel choices and increases travel policy compliance.

Deeper discounts--guaranteed The price advantage is clear. No one delivers better rates on hotels and car rentals than The Wise Traveller. That includes discount websites such as Expedia or Travelocity as well as dedicated travel agents.

Protection and peace of mind
The Wise Traveller also offers greater peace of mind for you and your staff: free travel insurance for every trip, plus global luggage tracking and identity protection services.

Rich travel rewards
We can also include special perks and privileges in your plan, such as VIP access to more than 600 VIP airport lounges and 1,600 golf courses worldwide. That means when your employees travel the world to build your business, you can acknowledge their hard work with rewards they’ll truly appreciate.


A Plan Tailored To Your Needs

Each Wise Traveller Corporate Plan can be tailored to the needs of a specific organisation. Working closely with you, we build a plan that fits your budget and priorities perfectly. Depending on your requirements, your plan may include:

  • Hotel and car rental discounts
  • VIP access to over 1,600
    golf courses worldwide
  • Global luggage tracking and
    identity protection services
  • Premium Travel cover
  • VIP access to airport lounges

  • Travel assistance service
  • International roaming discounts
  • Additional products and
    services as required

To learn more or request a customised plan proposal, please contact a Wise Traveller travel representative at

"I was surprised at the value once I started using my membership benefits, and The Wise Traveller team have been so helpful." - Peter H., Toyko, Japan