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Top 3 Travel Blog Quick Picks We Love For November

Every month we share our pick of three inspiring travel bloggers that we recommend. There are so many travel blogs out there that it can become overwhelming sifting through them on your own. Allow us to showcase three travel blogs each month that highlight the diversity of the content available. This month, we’re sharing the blogs of a part-time traveller who balances a full time job with travelling the world, a blogger who refuses to be pigeonholed, and a couple who are exploring the world together.

A Life Beautifully Travelled

A Life Beautifully Travelled - The Wise Traveller - Travel. Live. Learn.

Trilingual Katharina has lived in several large cities in northern Europe after spending her childhood exploring far-flung destinations with her dad and enjoying cultural city breaks with her mum. Now residing in London and working full time as an architect, she spends her weekends exploring closer to home whilst saving up for long-haul getaways to exciting locations such as Thailand and Japan during her limited holidays from work.


Katharina’s blog seeks to be relatable to the majority of people for whom travel is part-time, setting herself apart from those digital nomads who are always travelling. Her mission is to experience more meaningful and intelligent travel, and to really get to know the places that she visits.


‘A Life Beautifully Travelled’ is split into easily navigable categories, so that readers can choose to read about her life in London, local travels around the British Isles, or adventures further afield. She also offers a series of travel tips, reviews and news to offer inspiration and advice to fellow travellers.

Karate and Caviar

Karate And Caviar - The Wise Traveller - Travel. Live. Learn.

A relative newcomer to the world of travelling, Karate and Caviar refuses to be pigeonholed into a single category. Her blog doesn’t focus on one particular form of travelling, rather she shares tales of both backpacking and staying in luxurious hotels whilst concentrating on her personal travelling experiences.


In between posts detailing treks through rainforests, white-water rafting and visiting ancient temples, she also visits cat cafes, street food restaurants in London and even Disney World, proving that sometimes eclectic content can be the best.


Karate and Caviar covers destinations as far-flung as New Zealand, Vietnam and Peru, transporting readers all around the world to discover places to visit, eat, drink and explore.

Finding Beyond

Finding Beyond - The Wise Traveller - Travel. Live. Learn.

Darren and Shelley run ‘Finding Beyond’ together, having spent the past ten years travelling around the world on-and-off. So far, their travels have taken them around Asia, North and South America and Europe, as well as spending a year living and working in Australia.


Their latest adventures document their current travels, where they will be spending time living temporarily in one country, rather than constantly travelling. With no plane tickets booked to fly home, they’re taking things as they come and making their plans as they go along. Having spent a month in Sri Lanka, they’re currently residing in Thailand and have yet to plan their next move.
Alongside blog posts documenting their adventures, the duo also share tips and advice for others who are thinking of making the same journey as themselves.


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Wise Traveller  | November 08, 2016
Categories : Travel
Tags : Stay Connected, Travel Blog, A Life Beautifully Travelled, Karate And Caviar, Finding Beyong
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