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Which Business Travel Blogs Should You Be Reading?

Top 5 Business Travel Blogs - The Wise Traveller

Finding a great travel blog is as easy as finding a great travel rewards credit card; there are so many to choose from, you’re bound to come across at least a dozen that tickle your travel fancy.


But what about travel blogs dedicated solely – or at least mostly – to the fine art of business travel?


That’s more akin to finding a credit card that offers no blackout dates. And a super low APR. And maybe cooks you dinner to boot.


While the best of business travel blogs are fewer and farther between than your run-of-the-mill, “I quit my job to travel the world” nomad-style blogs, those focused on business travel are highly attuned to the hyper-specific needs of business travellers.

Never Overpay For Travel Insurance Again The Wise Traveller


Here are our top 5 must-follow business travel blogs for 2015:

5. FareCompare

When I think “FareCompare,” I think of the airfare comparison website that so often pops up when I’m searching for the best round trip fare from Chicago to Ho Chi Minh City.


But CEO Rick Seaney’s business travel blog provides oh-so-much-more than a mere comparison website ever could.


The FareCompare business travel blog offers an eclectic blend of practical travel info and business-related travel news, with a refreshing focus on the airline industry.


Follow Rick’s posts to stay abreast of which airlines are merging, shutting down, starting up, changing their business model or switching hub cities.


Because of its commitment to finding the cheapest flights possible, FareCompare is also great for self-employed entrepreneurs who pay their own out-of-pocket travel expenses.


Visit FareCompare

4. Frequent Business Traveler

This is perhaps the most quintessential business travel blog out there. If you’re based in one location but travel frequently for business, the pros at Frequent Business Traveler understand your woes.


With articles written exclusively by members of the Society of American Travel Writers and the International Travel Writers Alliance, this blog highlights the three main areas of business travel: industry news, technology, and insider tips.


Their topical pieces on airport pet peeves and economy upgrades will make even the most hardened business traveller crack a red-eyed smile.


Visit Frequent Business Traveler  

3. Ottsworld

Okay, so I cheated a little bit in including Sherry Otts’ blog on a who’s-who list of business travel bloggers, but I couldn’t help myself.


Otts worked in Corporate America for 14 years before becoming a full time traveller, and turned her travel passion into a full-time business.


For those who dream of swapping their cubicle for a life on the road, she’s definitely one to watch, always bringing her business perspective to each of the wild adventures shared on her blog.


While it may be hard to pry relatable information from a 20-something backpacker circumventing the globe, Otts makes it possible for the business traveller to go rogue and build a new life for themselves, in spite of – or perhaps because of – their business experience.


Visit Ottsworld

2. Business Travel Destinations

Once you’ve downloaded the latest airport app, racked up the frequent flyer miles, and upgraded to business class, what next?


You need a great place to stay. And a “great place” to a business traveller is very different from a “great place” to someone on holiday. 


Hotels, resorts, and events in international locations are an area that many business travel blogs fail to cover. Luckily there’s Business Travel Destinations, a review-based blog that makes it easy to find the perfect hotel, event, or meeting location in the city of your choice.


If part of your job includes event planning, hotel booking, or product purchases for your company, be sure to keep a close eye on Founder Rob Hard and his meticulous destination reviews.


Visit Business Travel Destinations

1. Stuck at the Airport

Have you ever been stuck at the airport and spent hours eating overpriced food and sitting on excruciatingly painful seats, only to realize after the fact that there was a great lounge or in-airport hotel you knew nothing about?


Yeah, me too.


Stuck at the Airport Founder Harriet Baskas is dedicated to helping business travellers make the most of their layovers and unexpected airport ‘lock-ins.’


Her blog covers things like the best airport lounges, up-to-date construction reporting, restaurant and hotel reviews, and other must-knows for the busy, airport-bound business traveller.


Visit Stuck At The Airport


If you’re not finding the business-centric travel info you crave on typical travel blogs, check out our top 5 for news, hacks, reviews, and discounts on all things business travel.


Rebekah Voss is an author, travel writer, and the creator of

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Rebecca Anne Nguyen  | July 07, 2015
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Tags : Business Travel, Stay Connected, Travel Blog
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