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3 Places Off The Beaten Track For 2015

Do you find it incredibly difficult to decide on the destination for your next holiday? You are far from being alone. This is something many people will agonize over for a good number of months before they finally make that decision. Also, as they tick more and more countries off their list of visited destinations each and every year, this decision actually becomes harder.

Generally speaking, it is probably fair to state that people are becoming more and more adventurous with their choice of holiday destination than they ever used to be. They’ve no doubt done all of the safe and well-known places in the past; now they want to go somewhere that truly excites them and gives them something to really look forward to. With this in mind, here are some places that are way off the beaten track in 2015 to think about.

1. Botswana


First of all, if you’re thinking about indulging in a fantastic African safari in 2015, you may be wise to turn your attention to a country that many people have heard little about in the past. Alas, Somalia is seriously threatening the traditional stronghold of Kenya as a safe safari destination; therefore, the country of Botswana may make for a great alternative. The chances of catching sight of the ‘Big 5’ in Botswana are very high and this country is actually easier to get to than you might imagine; especially when you bear in mind that it can be reached via the main airports in the north of South Africa.

2. Laos


The next country we’re going to consider here is the landlocked nation of Laos. The main attraction for you to visit in this country is the mighty Mekong River and there are some awesome river cruises and tours along this famous waterway for you to enjoy. The cultural and historic sites in Laos will be like no others that you have seen before.

3. Madagascar


Next we have the island nation of Madagascar. Admittedly, this country can be rather tricky to get to; however, there are regular flights into Antananarivo Ivato International Airport from Paris. You can then travel on to other parts of the island in an attempt to catch some of the unique examples of wildlife that exist here (e.g. the world-famous lemurs). The wildlife of Madagascar is under tremendous threat now and it really has become a case of catching these magnificent animals before the chance is lost forever.

So, there we have it, three examples of destinations that are completely off the beaten track in 2015. If you want a holiday that is totally different from any other you’ve been on in the past, choose any one of these options and you’ll have a completely different holiday location to discuss with friends and family.


The Wise Traveller


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Quin Hoskins  | January 07, 2015
Categories : Travel
Tags : Stay Active, Laos, Botswana, Madagascar
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