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Another Great Reason To Upgrade To Business

Upgrade To BUsiness Class
In the past, I would swear there were cruel travel gods who saw me travelling and decided to throw all the worst case scenarios at me. This always seemed to include putting the most selfish passenger on the aeroplane in front of me or the most unruly child behind. If I wasn’t having to put up with being knocked into oblivion by the darling child kicking my seat from behind, I was contending with the passenger in front reclining their seat as far as possible. And let’s face it, we all know there is precious little space in the economy cabins as it is. Having faced a number of very long flights in economy, I promised myself I would always upgrade to business class or premium economy at least in the future; otherwise, I would simply prefer not to travel!

Knee Defender Another Reason To Upgrade

It would seem that this opinion is very widely held by others. In fact, most countries in the world currently have ongoing debates regarding the ability to recline your seat in economy cabins. This dilemma has recently been brought to the fore by the fact that there have been a number of aeroplanes having to be diverted as a consequence of air rage that have escalated from this sort of inconsideration.

One such gentleman, James Beach from the US, managed to get his hands on an ingenious device that attached to his own tray table and completely prevented the passenger in front from reclining their seat. Of course, during one particular flight this device led to a case of air rage and the plane actually had to be diverted as a result. Mr Beach bitterly regretted the incident after it had happened; however, he did still maintain that the very reason for his buying the device in the first place was extremely relevant.

Business Class

Many of us may well be wondering where we can get our hands on such a god-send – I know I am! But seriously, when airlines are so disinclined to prevent seats from being reclined in such confined spaces, they will always have to contend with such unfortunate fracas until they do. In the meantime, you might well want to look at the extra space and luxury of the business class and premium cabins. I know I would definitely go back to economy unless I could help it.



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Quin Hoskins  | November 16, 2014
Categories : Travel
Tags : Stay Relaxed, Airlines, Flying, Business Travel
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