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Travel Payments

As the global travel industry quickens with every hi-tech advance from airports to airlines and hotels to restaurants, travellers are also becoming more demanding of a worldwide one-stop shop infrastructure for their payments.


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Business travellers are slowly moving towards a cashless system as Smartphone and laptop technology enables them to pay for everything they require from tickets to transport via their credit card.


At Wise Traveller, we bring you bang up-to-date with the latest payment innovations that are on the scene today and enabling tourists to travel seamlessly.


This US-based payments service is already making a big name for itself by hooking up with Alipay, part of the Alibaba empire. Stripe is making it easier for companies to accept credit card payments online, but the biggest boost is the alignment with Alipay for the Chinese sector.


It means that travel sector companies will be able to ID a Chinese client and open the door to them to pay via Alipay, and, therefore, a window of opportunity for Western travel services online. This then enables the traveller to organize hotel bookings and a variety of other travel-related options that they would not necessarily be aware of.

Paypal and Braintree

Payment Innovations For Travel

Paypal is one of the global leaders in the payments innovations sector. The ease with which travellers can pay peer-to-peer has built up an excellent base for business. Yet Paypal has taken an extra step with an $800 million deal to buy mobile payments platform Braintree.


Thanks to Braintree, travellers could soon have one-touch technology on their Smartphone to pay for all kinds of products and services. It is in the process of unveiling new ways of allowing people to pay across apps with a single touch, eliminating the need to re-enter passwords and security codes.


Crucially, Braintree already supports the likes of AirBnB, the global rentals provider. Interestingly, AirBnB has unveiled a new business platform that is being accessed by the likes of Facebook and Salesforce.


Payment solutions provider Mangopay is quickly becoming one of the most important in the European marketplace at the moment. Part of French-based Leetchi, the service has aligned itself with more than 150 clients and has just announced a new innovation.


Apart from using the Euro on its system, it will be accepting several new currencies comprising the British Pound, American Dollar, Swiss franc, Polish zloty and Norwegian, Swedish and Danish Krone. Plans are afoot to adopt the Australian and Canadian dollars.


The new adaption will essentially give the traveller the options of paying for various services all under ‘roof’.

Google Wallet

While Google dominates on the web and with its Gmail service, its Google Wallet now enables the ease of access for travellers to pay for services and allows Wallet to pull receipts sent to your Gmail account into the Wallet app. It also offers the functionality of letting you “pay with your phone”, so you can pull records of what you spent on that business trip abroad.


Although bringing the rear on payment innovations, Apple can be let off for its continuing evolving iPhone series in recent years. However, it now wants put its stamp on the mobile payments sector with the launch of ApplePay.


ApplePay depends on clients using the iPhone adopting near field communication (NFC) that basically means you can pay with an interaction between your mobile phone and a point-of sales terminal.


The future of ApplePay also looks good – as credit card companies and the likes of Stripe have indicated their willingness to support it.


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Andy Probert  | October 09, 2014
Categories : Service
Tags : Business Travel, Stay Connected, Technology, Payments
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