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Entries for 'romania'


Rebecca Anne Nguyen posted on May 05, 2016 04:53
Europe even enviably rail system and airlines, open borders still has places in that are decidedly remote and deliciously unexplored. Here are the top 5 most remote travel destinations in Europe.

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Categories : Destination
Tags : Stay Relaxed, Europe, France, Greece, Romania, Estonia, Normay, Prundu Bârgăului, Kyrksaeteroera, Auvergne, Muhu Island, Gavdos
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Polly Barks posted on March 16, 2015 00:34
Set your sights slightly eastward and enjoy the benefits of European travel without the high prices with 6 of the best destinations for less than $55 per day.

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Categories : Destination
Tags : Stay In Comfort, Czech Republic, Russia, Krakow, Czesky Kumlov, Budapest, Sofia, Bucharest, Saint Petersburg, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland
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