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The Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Travellers

With Valentine’s Day creeping up on us, it’s time to start thinking about how you will treat the significant other in your life. Rather than opting for the usual flowers, chocolates and champagne, why not choose something a little different this year and surprise them with a travel-themed gift?

For the Gadget Lover

Valentine Day Gifts For Traveller - Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones - The Wise Traveller

The gadget-loving traveller will probably love you for getting them a pair of noise-cancelling headphones that they can take with them on their travels. You’ll be helping them to sleep better during long journeys and providing the perfect prop for all of their gadgets, aiding them to watch films or listen to music whilst they are away.

For the World Traveller

Valentine Day Presents For Traveller - Travel Journal - The Wise Traveller

The perfect gift for someone who loves to travel the world is a leather-bound journal that they can jot down all of their thoughts and experiences inside. Whether you are planning to travel together or they are exploring the globe on their own, you will both be able to look back at the journal and read their memories together in coming years.

Alternatively, give your loved one the freedom and security to travel with a Wise Traveller membership. They’ll get a full year of worldwide travel cover with 24/7 emergency assistance, special accommodation and vehicle rental rates, and more.

For the Light Packer

Valentine Day Presentes For Travellers - The Wise Traveller

It can be hard squeezing everything that you need for your trip into hand luggage, so why not gift your loved one a collection of clip-on camera lenses for their smartphone? After all, smartphone cameras today can put up a good fight against point-and-shoot cameras. Your significant other can then leave their heavy camera behind (and have more space in their baggage to bring home souvenirs for you).

For a Tight Budget

Valentine Presents For Travellers - The Wise Traveller

If you’re on a tight budget due to saving for future travels, why not treat your travel companion to a quirky scratch map? You can display the map in pride of place in your home and scratch off the places that you have visited together as you continue to explore the world.

For a Holiday Memento

Valentine Present For Travellers - The Wise Traveller

If you’ve recently completed a particularly memorable trip, nothing beats a tangible memory of your trip. Artifact Uprising offers beautifully bound photo-books that are easy to create using your own photographs. Simply select the photos from your trip that you treasure the most and slot them into the pages of your very own book along with a thoughtful message for the cover.

For Bookworms

Valentine Presents For Travellers - The Wise Traveller

Perfect for those who love to delve into a good read whilst they are travelling, a slim and lightweight ebook reader like the Kindle will allow them to take as many books as they wish on their adventures without having to worry about fitting them into their baggage.

For a Long-Distance Relationship

Valentine Day Presents For Traveller - Show Up - The Wise Traveller

Finally, if your loved one happens to reside on the other side of the world, surely the best gift you could give them would be to buy a plane ticket and surprise them by turning up on their doorstep on Valentine’s Day



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