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Best European Destinations If You're On A Budget

While European travel often conjures up visions of luxury boutique hotels, expensive restaurants, and overpriced tourist traps, that picture isn’t necessarily true for all destinations. Set your sights slightly eastward and enjoy the benefits of European travel without the high prices. For anywhere between $43 and $53 per day you can enjoy some of the most beautiful and historically significant destinations in Europe.

Prices noted below is for an average 3-star traveller


Bucharest, Romania

$43.80 per day

Is Bucharest the cheapest tourist destination in Europe? It just might be. The Romanian city is full of marvel after marvel thanks to its long and varied history and culture.


Bucharest 6 Cheap European Cities The Wise Traveller


Sofia, Bulgaria

$44.71 per day

Bulgaria’s capital city is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful and underrated cities in all of Europe. Its cobblestone streets hold charming local bistros and low-cost hotels sure to delight budget travelers.


Sofia Bulgaria  6 Cheap European Cities The Wise Traveller


Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

$49.10 per day

A small, off the beaten path town that isn’t particularly difficult to get to, Cesky Krumlov is the perfect Czech town for budget travelers. With its combination of Czech charm and small-city prices, Cesky Krumlov seems posed to emerge as a popular tourist destination soon enough.


Cesky Lrumlov  6 Cheap European Cities The Wise Traveller


Saint Petersburg, Russia

$50.48 per day

Travelers should be primed to take advantage of Russia’s deeply weakened ruble to visit Russia’s second city, Saint Petersburg. One of the country’s most beautiful cities has now become much more affordable.


St Petersberg  6 Cheap European Cities The Wise Traveller


Budapest, Hungary

$51.06 per day

The Hungarian capital has long been a popular European travel destination for budget travelers, and it seems like Budapest just keeps getting better and better. If you get off the main traveler tracks you’ll be sure to find authentic food and accommodation at very affordable prices.


Budapest Hungary  6 Cheap European Cities The Wise Traveller


Krakow, Poland

$52.36 per day

The large Polish town of Krakov is a UNESCO World Heritage city with almost unbelievably low prices that are sure to attract more and more international travelers as word spreads.


Krakow Poland  6 Cheap European Cities The Wise Traveller


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